Gone are the days where a narration fit a single book or feature films recouped their budget in theaters only. Today, stories are complex properties, involving a wide array of interdisciplinary and hybrid media forms. Haexagon Concepts provides targeted solutions to match your ideas with the right content creators, technology, audience and market strategy.

We are a creative intellectual property (IP) management & development agency dedicated to create and implement new forms of digital, immersive and interactive story formats into the Asian entertainment market. We help brands, filmmakers and media producers to find new business models for their stories within the world of merging and emerging media. Building targeted audiences is as essential as equipping content creators with the right technology and distribution strategy in order to connect them to their audience base.

As a creative line-producer we offer either full project development and strategy implementation services for your concept ideas or add-on services for already produced properties. As a go-in-between brands/studios and creators our work process is so flexible that we can easily come in at any stage of your production and add value to your IP.  This enables our clients to either run a more sophisticated and successful production or simply sell their IPs at a significantly higher profit margin.

Should you be looking for the right IP to invest in or turn into branded content we will find the most fitting match within our talent-creators-IP network spanning all over South-East Asia.

Our work includes

IP management - content creator network management - audience building - transmedia campaigns - project development - project consultancy - interactive design - immersive storytelling - content distribution - multi-screen/multi-platform - video & film production - story universe building - social media/community building



webseries - webshows - mobile entertainment - branded entertainment (microfilms)

Our mission

Change the way people experience stories

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Since 2010 our team members also worked for/with or tought at:

Distribution Workshop | 20th Century Fox (China) | Freshwave Festival | Sundream Motion Pictures | PCCW - YP Movies | TED X Pearl River | Swiss Delice | Hong Kong Arts Centre | Ogilvy | BBDO | Le French May (HK) | Filmbiz Asia | Hong Kong Film Archive | Polytechnics University of Hong Kong | HKUSpace | International Academy of Film and Television Hong Kong | MediaCorp (Singapore)| Publishers Assosiation of Italy